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The Hiellen Longhouse Village has been a dream of the Old Massett Village Council for many years. In 2012  the Old Massett Village Council secured the funding to build the longhouses through organizations such as the Coast Opportunity Fund, the Coast Sustainability Trust, the Gwaii Trust, Fisheries Legacy Trust, Haida Gwaii Community Futures,  and Service Canada. 

The Hiellen longhouse village was built using our local carpentry apprentice program, cabinetry program, and our milling crew. All the wood (with exception of the plywood) was milled right here on Haida Gwaii! The crew worked hard to create a beautiful space for both visitors and locals to enjoy while on Haida Gwaii.

All profits from the Hiellen Longhouses go directly back to the Old Massett Village Council to create more employment opportunities in the tourism industry on Haida Gwaii. 

We are currently raising funds to erect a replica of a 52' Totem pole that once stood in the village. Thank you to our guests who have donated funds to date.

Tow Hill, Haida Gwaii 

The Small Longhouses


At Hiellen we promote the use of environmentally sustainable use of water, power and cleaning products. Although we are not 100% green, we hope to keep our environmental impact to a minimum so that it is here for our future generations and yours. 

It is important to know that when staying at Hiellen we encourage 3 min showers, minimal water use for toilets, and ask that you respect the forest in which we reside. 

The Group Longhouse

Hiellen longhouse Village

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