Tow Hill, Haida Gwaii 

Hiellen longhouse Village

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Let us help you plan your visit. Send us an email about some of the things you'd like to do while on Haida Gwaii and we will help you connect with the local tourism providers.

Hike to Tow Hill and enjoy the spectacular unobstructed views of the Pacific Ocean, of Hecates Straits, and the Alaska Panhandle. Or cut across to the East Coast on the Cape Fife Trail. Haida Gwaii has plenty to see...

Explore beautiful Naikoon Park - but leave it just as you found it. Naikoon Park is bordered by a hundred kilometres of expansive beach and an ecological reserve on Northern Haida Gwaii.  Enjoy the wilderness with beach hiking, beachcombing, bird watching, and wildlife observation. Or learn to surf with our friends Mike and Lucy.  Go tree climb with our friend Toby... yes, that's right! We have tons of beautiful sitka spruce trees just waiting for you in Hiellen's back yard.


Come visit us at the right time to Catch some fish or dig some clams with our local guides. Cook your catch over a campfire or bring it to Haida Wild and get them to package it up and send it home for you. Haida Gwaii Cusine at its finest, right at our doorstep!


Rent a car and explore the local Art Route on Haida Gwaii. Visit nearby cultural attractions, Village Site tours and Haida culture. Purchase some world renowned Haida Art. Or take a tour with Christian White at his family's cultural studio in Old Massett. No one should miss the  Tluu Xaada Naay Longhouse.

Didn't bring a car? Rent a bike and find some coffee at the Moon over Naikoon Bakery just 10km down the road. Flying in? Stop by the Sunrise cafe in town to grab a bite.

Let us help you plan your visit :)

activities and adventures await!

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